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Posted on Saturday, 9th November 2013 by dhoho

Professional fashion designer was looked so glamorous, luxurious and prestigious. They looked so inspiring people with his/her fashion design works, always present at prestigious events, friends with famous artists also a public figure. These things seem to inspire people to pursue that profession. To become fashion designer, actually learned in school mode should not be the main things. The most important, you must have the designer skill and love a fashion very much. Basic fashion designer skill means having such basic designing, selecting materials, colors, create patterns. It is important, even you not create a design by yourself, but [...] Continue Reading…

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Posted on Friday, 8th November 2013 by dhoho

If you have a passion in fashion, and want to became a fashion designer, this is the best guide for you. Most people already know that hard to getting started and involving in fashion industry. People with good fashion talent is not easy to find out there. So, if you have the fashion talent, why you not start your own fashion line.

“How to Become a Fashion Designer” e-Book is a complete fashion course that help you on how to get a job in fashion industry and start your own fashion designer career. Also you will learn step by step [...] Continue Reading…

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Posted on Sunday, 10th February 2013 by dhoho

Struggling to get pregnant? If you and your husband has been trying to become pregnant for long time and always got failure. Sometimes you think to give up for this difficult situation. Do not lose hope, you can get natural pregnancy but to do it, you will need an excellent pregnancy program and guide. Why don’t you look into the Pregnancy Miracle? This is a natural Chinese system for getting pregnant in natural way, and having a healthy baby. Pregnancy Miracle eBook that has gained the popular rank when it comes to get pregnant quickly. As other users say, [...] Continue Reading…

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Posted on Saturday, 9th February 2013 by dhoho

Hello, If you have Xbox in repair with problem like no power ‘ON’ or all led goes dead. Sure, you must check the Xbox power supply at first. Its looks like ATX power supply, check by visual to find any short circuit on it. For example, burn component or cables. If everything ok, and did not find any problem visually. You must refer to Xbox power supply schematic diagram, to trace the line power based on the diagram.

However, you need to keep in mind that each Xbox’s has a different version. By submitting the serial number of Xbox’s, does [...] Continue Reading…

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Posted on Saturday, 9th February 2013 by dhoho

Nowadays many people are having marriage problems. Every relationship problem needs an ideal solution to have the marriage you’ve always wanted. It is not a surprise for someone to struggle with this marriage problem. Personal experiences will vary and so it is common for people to try remedies to rid them of the unpleasant relationship and marital crisis.

When you have a relationship problem, you will often have issues with self-confidence, stress and anxiety. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, it also means the struggle of couples to face many conflicts in the husband and wife relationship.



Failed marriages, usually happened because [...] Continue Reading…

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Posted on Thursday, 17th January 2013 by dhoho

If you are interested in a fashion photography course but don’t know how to start, this is a good fashion photography book for basic reference. Fashion Photography Course by Eliot Siegel. Highly recommended fashion photography book for people who looking quick reference in fashion photography. It has a lot information starting for basic principles and techniques. This book is truly great for beginner in as an essential guide book. My friend is not beginner photographer, after reading this book he feel more confident of what he knew in fashion photography industry, and he learned a lot something new from [...] Continue Reading…

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