News around the world alarmed people about the depletion of the ozone layer. The fact that it is largely human manipulation, this will affect human in return too. The main source of pollution comes from the cars emission, refineries, and consumers’ product such as paints, glues and adhesive.

They are agents that contribute to VOCs (Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons) and nitrogen
oxides that produce ground ozone in the presence of sunlight. During summer days particularly ozone condition rises up into alert (unhealthy) levels. This causes a lot of upper respiratory deceases such as asthma, pneumonia and many will experience difficulty in breathing after they had been exposing to the heat of the sun. Truly alarming isn’t it? Children and old folks are more susceptible in these diseases. These things cannot be tolerated we should find ways ,if it is impossible to be eliminated, we could
at least control or lessen its effects.

Pollution cannot be avoided but can be minimize. AQI (Air Quality Index) is a device that measures the amount of pollution in the surroundings. Learn more research and development for water and air purification technology from EcoQuest International . They conducted a research on ozone generator that can be helpful in minimizing pollution from air.

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