If you are interested in a fashion photography course but don’t know how to start, this is a good fashion photography book for basic reference. Fashion Photography Course by Eliot Siegel. Highly recommended fashion photography book for people who looking quick reference in fashion photography. It has a lot information starting for basic principles and techniques. This book is truly great for beginner in as an essential guide book. My friend is not beginner photographer, after reading this book he feel more confident of what he knew in fashion photography industry, and he learned a lot something new from this book.

Fashion photography book by Eliot Siegel have a lot of practical information about how to shoot a fashion model and prepare a photography lighting for awesome portrait, how to use lenses to get artistic style effects, and more. This book comes with well written concepts and presented in luscious photographs to makes beginner understand what should be done to be a fashion photographer. Check this out Eliot Siegel-Fashion Photography Course.


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Posted on Thursday, 17th January 2013 by dhoho

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