Spammer Hell and Universal Symbol>Getting spam email is very annoying, we got email from anonymous people with useless topic and disrupt our time. It will meet our inbox with something junk. Spam protection that provided by our email providers, sometimes not enough and didn’t work well. Sometimes, the email that you recognize as not spam goes to the spam folder. So, we must to spam folder and re-checking to move that email into your inbox. It is very tiring and wasting time.

We cannot avoid Spam email, whatever many softwares according spam protection offers that services. One spam email already protected, other spam email comes, especially if your email has published through the internet. It will become a potential target of spammers to send the junk topics to our email. Junk topics for example; lottery, selling drugs, bidding anonymous online business or getting rich fast, email that invites cooperation in the disbursement of funds to your bank account with various reason such as war, rebellion and the disbursement of funds from the anonymous account. The spam emails become seriously when provide some links and when we click that link, your computer will be infected by virus.

Then what should we do, actually not much to do, just delete those emails without read it. But did you know, you can making complaint and reporting against spam email? It does not impact directly, but the report will gaining bad reputation for spam sender and following links offered.

Here’s where the link to Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet.
1. Spam Cop – A very quick and easy way to complain to a spammer’s service provider
2. Chain letters – United States Postal Inspection Service Office Locator
3. Consumer Fraud – US Federal Government (mailto
4. Federal Trade Commission Fraud and Spam Complaint Form
5. File a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) – FBI (
6. Forward Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (spam) to the Federal Trade Commission (
7. – Deceptive or fraudulent marketing schemes may be submitted to FlimFlam dot Com
8. FTC Consumer Protection Complaint Form – report fraud to more than 240 law enforcement agencies using one simple form
9. FTC Identity Theft Complaint Form
10.National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – Affiliated with the FBI, U.S. Customs, U.S.P.S (Funded by U.S. Gov.)
11.Internet Fraud Watch E-Mail (NFIC) (
12.Investment Fraud & Stock Offers – Securities and Exchange Commission (
13.MLM stuff – Phone Card Distributorships, Etc. – Federal Trade Commission (
14.National Consumer Complaint Center (The)
15.National Fraud Information Center – Online Incident Report Form
16.Privacy of Software
-Business Software Alliance – Anit-Piracy Information (No Piracy) – Complaint Form
-Pirated Software Online Report Form – Software Publishers Association
-Solicitations & Offers of Pirated Software – Software Publishers Association (
-Scam Spam Reporting Page – Report Fraud to the
17. Spam
-Send SPAM Complaints to The Federal Trade Commission (
18.To report MMF senders as possible tax cheats – Internal Revenue Service (
19.Webguardian – For complaints about any internet commercial transaction

You have to include in your complaint a copy of the e-mail or posting with full headers. Here to Learn more about how to starting a Mail Complaints to the Relevant Authority to these E-mail Addresses or Forms.

And talking about spammers e.g scammers, how about Fake The Caller ID With SpoofCard! Is that one of phone scammers, I don’t think so.


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