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LCD Monitor RepairLCD monitor instructor Jestine Yong was created an amazing idea, he has recently published practical guidelines on how to repairing the LCD monitor problem in your home. This EBook will be easily learned and practiced not only by the professional, but also for newbie will easily be able to do so. Interesting isn’t it, because anyone are able to start up and practice about how to repair lcd monitor with this ebook. Easy 200 pages step by step tutorial with complete full colour photos (322 photos+diagrams).

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Who is Jestine Yong? Graduate from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen UK, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and he also a co-founder of Noahtech Computer Repairing and Services. During 11 years of managing Noahtech Computer Repairing and Services, Jestine have the extraordinary experience in repairing Computer Monitors, Power Supplies, Computer peripherals and related electronic troubleshooting. Currently he live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife and two children.

With this Ebook, we can immediately repair LCD monitor problem like an expert.

From this EBook you will obtain:

  1. Step by step instruction that is easily followed
  2. Knowing how to work the LCD monitor and how to read the secret Schematic diagrams.
  3. How to localize the problems in the LCD monitor, so that the process improvements
  4. Knowing the secret techniques, how to read the codes, SMD electronic components in the LCD Monitors.
  5. Learn the easy and safe way about how to dismantle the LCD monitor casing, and lamps.
  6. Repair Unlimited Brands Of LCD Monitors And Earn More Income!
  7. Learn LCD Monitor handle with actual cases. And more.

If you have ever truly wanted to take your LCD Monitor Repair skills to the next level, especially from home, this is a recommended ebook for professional or newbie. Moreover, this also the best opportunity to start Repairing LCD Monitor business in your home. I mean you can find and buy any  damaged LCD Monitor  with cheap price or you can get it with free, then fix the problem following this LCD Repair Guide, after that you can easily sell the LCD Monitor. You can sell as used LCD in Ebay or other marketplace.  Here to download Free LCD Repair Ebook Preview and short report interview.

Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV Repair Guide help you to “stand-out” from your competitors’ who are still using those old information in troubleshooting Plasma TV!  Some special repair information as Plasma TV Module/Panel are included, for example:

  • LG PDP42V5
  • LG PDP42V6
  • LG PDP42V7
  • LG PDP42X2
  • LG PDP50X4
  • NEC NP42H5MF01
  • Panasonic 9th Generation Plasma Module
  • Panasonic 10th Generation Plasma Module
  • Samsung V3 PDP S42D-YD05 & other modules too!

Get the latest Plasma TV repair training manuals and related repair information right now!

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